Document Support Centre is the exclusive distributor of Xerox in Zimbabwe.  DSC will ensure that there is sufficient supply of materials and equipment to support Xerox base in Zimbabwe and has a substantial line of credit with Bytes Documents Solutions in order to grow the business.

Multifunction Printers

Wide selection of multifunction printers delivering flexibility and advanced features to print, copy, scan and fax all in one multifunction printer design for personal and high workgroup use.


COLOUR IN THE OFFICE Xerox offers a number of colour products to match different needs from the mono user only wary of colour to the colour centric environment where is used freely and regularly. Colour is under complete control through:

  • Auditron – device management – track or set limits for users and groups by feature (copy, print, fax & scan) and by colour and black & white.
  • Colour control via Active Directory- enterprise management – centrally manage colour access for copy & prints.

Entry Level Multifunctional Printers

  • Easy to use and share in any workgroup environment.
  • Install, Plug & Play= Network savvy & document management
  • Flexibility= management of hardcopy or electronic documents can be handled at one station.

Print Only

If you only need to print, our industry leading laser and solid ink printers provide installers +smart drivers + smart tools =smart printers that are smarter than the competition and a better value for you.

Colour and Black & White Digital Printing Presses (Book Factories

High volume, high speed, digital printing press models that offer benchmark productivity, print quality, print on demand applications, e.t.c.

Document Support Centre prides themselves on the highest levels of customer service in the office automation market. We spend a significant amount of resources each year to ensure that customer solution are always functioning at optimal levels. Our operations are guided by customer-focus and a passion for customer excellence, a commitment to quality, integrity and on-time service delivery.

  • Xerox has more than 275 people in service, including 210 highly trained engineers located at Xerox authorised service centres across South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • Document Support Center has 7 offices across Zimbabwe man by sales and technical resources.
  • All Xerox technicians are fully trained before working on any product, with more than 130 man-days’ training being conducted annually.
  • All technicians have access to the Xerox international database of solutions. Each technician has a notebook computer and a PDA to guarantee constant communication.
  • Emergency spares are available around the clock.
  • Service Level Agreements are tailored towards each individual customer requirements. This varies from two-hour to eight-hour response times to on –site engineers, depending on customers’ requirements.
  • The company’s fully computerised call centres operate against stringent international benchmark standards.
  • As calls come in, a job card is generated against a machine’s unique serial number. Around 8 000 service incidents a month are recorded with a feedback loop for all calls. All products are imported from Xerox and manufactured against Six Sigma criteria and carry the British Standards Institute approval.

All Xerox products marketed in Zimbabwe are fully supported by XEROX trained technicians/analysts with significant skills and experience to cover all technical issues and provide quality support and service.

  1. Maintenance Strategy and Procedure Scheduled maintenance calls carried out on a routine basis at recommended copy/print volume or time intervals. In addition to these scheduled maintenance calls, the unscheduled calls are primarily for copy quality and copy volume related areas of the machine are guaranteed an average response time of three hours.
  2. Reporting of service calls Our service centres have dedicated telephone/cell phone numbers, which are not listed in the telephone directory. All calls requesting service will be assigned a reference number to enable tracking and measurement of service levels.
  3. Availability of back-up spares and consumables A comprehensive stock of consumables and high usage parts are held in Harare. This will enable virtually all repairs to be conducted at short notice in order to meet service level targets. In addition to the Harare stores, XEROX maintain an emergency parts support unit in Johannesburg and a third level support base at the XEROX CORPORATION European Logistics Centre In Venray, Holland, which can dispatch parts within 72 hours.
  4. XEROX support DSC though self-sufficient in Zimbabwe, receives substantial direct support from Bytes Document Solution in South Africa. This support is further enhanced with increased access to the latest technologies such as Eureka Facility, Hotline Facility on 24hours, 7 days a week basis available to us. Parts supply on an emergency spare supply “ESS” basis 48hours delivered Harare Airport.
  5. General systems support Operator training- this can be done on site by a Xerox trained technician or analyst. Training is conducted for your designated staff on both the operational aspects of the product, system and use of Operating software.

Labour Only Service Maintenance contract that provides for preventative services once every three months plus unlimited unscheduled maintenance calls and training of your key operators. Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) our prime service offering, a high specification quality service based on monthly up time and supply of parts and labour.

Xerox and Xerox Alliance Partners offer software tools to help you manage, create, share, store, or send documents. EQUITRAC Equitrac Office provides end users with a secure, convenient and mobile print workflow while controlling costs and simplifying administration of your output fleet. Equitrac Office enables single sign-on access to devices and services, personal print queues to maximise document security and mobility, and rules to create cost-effective printing behaviour.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Xerox is the world’s leading document management technology and services enterprise
  • Xerox’s expertise and continuous innovation are internationally recognized
  • Xerox’s team of professionals can assist in selecting the appropriate solutions that will meet your needs and help you become more efficient while reducing your overall print and document management associated costs
  • PlanetPress Suite is fully compatible with the Xerox technology
  • You get a complete and integrated solution on all levels